Best 3 companies that Support Russian Visa Invitation Letter

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Russian Visa Invitation Letter

There are some companies for assistance in obtaining a Russian visa, and here we will mention Best 3 companies that Support Russian invitation letter.
Many companies and travel agencies in Russia are working to issue a visa invitation with an official license from the Russian government.
All of these companies are guaranteed and reliable, but there is a difference in cost on the one hand, speed of response and quick support on the other hand.

what is Russian visa invitation letter?

Russian Visa Invitation letter, is a Official paper document for for a traveler to Russia to get the Russian Visa, and comes in an A4 format. The document designates that you are invited to Russia, by a credited Russian travel company or a hotel. Your Rus provides quick online tourist and business, its depending on the nature and purpose of your tour. We offer reliable services, for both business and tourist invitation letters; all you have to do is to decide whether you want a single, or double entry into Russia.

Russian visa invitation tybes

There are two different types of Russian visa invitations for various durations of visit to Russia:

Tourist visa invitation

Russian Tourist visa invitation letter has one of the easiest obtaining procedure. For this, you will require a tourist voucher and a tourist confirmation by any authorised hotel or travel agency. As a tourist, you must have confirmed accommodations or transit information for every night of your stay in Russia. It is non-extendable, so in order to prolong your stay in Russia, you have to leave the country and obtain a new visa.

Business visa invitation

Russian Business visa invitation letter is for those who come to Russia for business (i.e. to meet business partners, sign a contract, business negotiations and conferences). This visa allows multiple entries, longer stays, and other benefits, so a lot of ordinary travellers who want more flexibility also use this. This visa is a good option for those who are in Russia for more than one month or/and need multiple entries.

The best 3 companies

The Best 3 companies that Support Russian visa invitation letter are:
1- Your Rus.
2- Liden & Denz.
3- Prabesh Group.

Costs of Russian visa invitation letter

The cost of a Russian visa invitation varies between the three companies, and the lowest price for an invitation is on the Your Rus company, at a cost starting from 14 US dollars.


In conclusion, this information was collected after research and scrutiny of Russian companies and travel agencies that work to support obtaining a visa invitation to Russia. You can search on your own or contact these companies if you have decided to travel to Russia soon.

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